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Toronto Conference of the United Church of Canada

Vacancy Availability

The Basics

  1. Ministry Personnel postings will be anonymous.
  2. Ministry Personnel must complete an eligibility screening/verification online.
  3. Communities of Faith must have their Vacancy approved by presbytery.
  4. Communities of Faith agree to abide by the eligibility process, and Communities of Faith agree to only consider eligible Ministry Personnel.
  5. Congregational Designated Ministers (CDMs) are not eligible.

Ministry Personnel

Steps to Seeking a New Call or Appointment in Toronto Conference

  1. Create an online account.
  2. Input information to verify your eligibility. (police check, required trainings, good standing,...)
  3. Create a "Skills, Gifts and Passions Profile". (Seeking A New Call or Appointment: A Handbook for Ministry Personnel p.17)
  4. Submit profile for posting.

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Communities of Faith

Steps to Posting a Vacancy

  1. Submit Vacancy Paperwork to your Presbytery for Approval (offline).
  2. Create an online account to be used by the Search Team contact person.
  3. Create your online Ministry Articulation Profile (cut and paste from your TC 425 MAP form).
  4. Upload your Position Description (TC 425 PD) and Demographics (TC 425 DFC) forms.
  5. Submit the Vacancy profile for posting.
  6. View Ministry Personnel Profiles (becomes available once the Vacancy is posted).

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